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Custom Care From Nose to Butt!

Receive a $50 Gift Certificate When You Schedule a
Tour of Our Beautiful Facility! Call (515) 221-0300 Today!

Is your pooch in need of a spa day?

Bring your pooch to Canine Country Club, one of the best destinations for dog care in the greater Des Moines area. We couple great prices with an experienced staff to provide the following services:

✓ Baths  Deshedding  Nail Grinds  Teeth Brushing  Ear Cleaning  Plum Facials

Pamper Your Pooch!

Need to schedule a spa day for your dog? Give Canine Country Club a call today at 515-221-0300 to book a grooming appointment or to inquire about packages and pricing for dog training and daycare. We’ll make sure they look and feel like a million bucks, so contact us now!

Nail Grinding

Anyone who has ever tried to clip their dog’s nails knows how difficult and dangerous it can be. Dog’s don’t like it; many are really fearful either of being held down or of the sound of the clippers. The clipper pressure is uncomfortable for the dog and there’s always a danger of quicking – cutting into the quick or even into the blood vessel that’s in the nail.   That’s why we don’t use clippers. Whenever possible, we like to use less stressful and gentler methods and in this case, it’s grinding rather than clipping.

Nail grinding is a lot like a pedicurist using a nail file. It’s quiet–just a whirring noise–and the grinding wheel takes down the nail a little at a time, drastically reducing the possibility of damaging your dog’s nail bed and causing discomfort in the process. Your pet is happier, you’re happier, and so are we.

Now Introducing Nanobubble Bath
(100% Green)

Canine Country Club is the only dog care facility in the State of Iowa offering shampoo free and chemical free Nanobubble Baths!

What is a “Nanobubble Bath” bath you ask? Well, let me tell you, because it’s about the most amazing thing we’ve ever come across in our 10 years of dog grooming services! Ozone is a highly effective cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and MORE! From our testing so far, it also seems to be very effective at soothing skin. It is made from 100% tap water only. There are NO chemicals whatsoever in Aqueous Ozone. Our Ozone machine turns tap water into Ozone. When Ozone water hits the surface of something, like your dog’s skin and coat, it grabs onto any organic matter, pulls it off, turns back into water and washes away. It’s 100% green, 100% chemical free and 100% safe for dogs. It’s so safe, you can drink it, and we have!

What will an Ozone bath do for your dog? They will be able to enjoy a bath without any shampoo or chemicals and get just as clean, if not cleaner, than a regular bath with shampoo! The antifungal, antibacterial and deodorizer properties are doing a lot to help some of our client’s dogs. For example, we had a dog with severe allergies who had red, inflamed skin and hives all over. We gave him an Ozone bath and within 24 hours his skin was no longer red and irritated and the hives were gone! Another client had a dog who was losing hair on her chest and stomach and we aren’t sure the cause. We gave her one Ozone bath and her hair started growing back! Bulldogs and some other breeds with folds can sometimes become irritated and a little smelly in their folds from bacteria. The Ozone helps a lot with the irritation, bacteria and odor.

Nanobubble Baths are still somewhat new to us. We can’t guarantee if your dog has skin issues that it will clear them up, but we’ve had some great success so far and will continue testing the Ozone on different dogs with different conditions to determine what it really works best for. Because this product is made of only water, we feel it’s a great option for any of your dog’s who have allergies to shampoo or can’t get a regular bath. It’s also a great option if you or someone in your household has allergies to shampoo and perfumes as well.

The one thing we do know and can guarantee though, is that Nanobubble Bath is 100% green, chemical free and less harsh on your dog’s coat and skin than standard shampoo! They can also have a Nanobubble Bath as frequently as you want since it doesn’t dry out or harm your dog’s coat in any way.

Bath Only and Care Dry

Sometimes all it takes is a bath to get your pup looking and feeling their best again. We’ll lather them up good, rinse them down and let them air dry for a refreshed, comfortable feel.

​Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s stay even better!

0-9 lbs$20
10-19 lbs$20
20-29 lbs$20
30-39 lbs$24
10-49 lbs$29
50-59 lbs$31
60-69 lbs$34
70-79 lbs$37
80-89 lbs$40
90-99 lbs$43
100-109 lbs$46
110+ lbs$ TBD

Spa Add-Ons

Looking for even more ways to get your dog’s tail wagging?

Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s spa day even better! Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s spa day even better!

Dremeling Nails$20
Ear Cleaning$7
Teeth Brushing$7
Anal Gland Expression$20
Matt Removal$60/hour
Nanobubble Bath
(100% Green)

(shampoo and chemical-free)
Grooming or Bath price +$15
Deshedding TreatmentCall for pricing
Coat Brush Out

*brush out only if deshed isn’t needed.
Brush outs are not deshedding treatments
and are not meant to deshed the dog.

​*brush out does not include any matt removal,
only matting prevention.
Matt removal is a separate charge.
$5/5 minutes
Priority Groom

(your dog is groomed
start to finish as soon as they arrive
and you can pick up immediately after)
Special Handling Fee
(for dogs that need to be muzzled,
have severe anxiety, demonstrate excessive movement,
are elderly, are puppies, or any
other situation that makes it difficult
to groom the dog in a timely fashion)​

**Please note, unless your dog is getting shaved down, if your dog is matted anywhere, matting charges will be applied in addition to the grooming price at a rate of $60/hour

**Brushing out matting can be very uncomfortable for a dog. If your dog is too severely matted to brush out, a shave down will be required, The Club reserves the right to refuse matting brush-outs on any dog

***Sarah specializes in specialty breed cuts and can give your dog any haircut style that you’d like


Kelley Peterson

 My dig Quip loves his time at Canine Country Club. The staff are so nice – always remembers his name- often will fit him into the schedule. They’ve been helpful with his grooming – he comes home happy and tired every time! Facility is clean and professional.

Amy Underwood

 Our puppy had developed a fair amount of matting and we needed a lot of help. The groomer gave us good advice and sent our little guy home all clean and soft and looking precious.​

Receive a $50 Gift Certificate When You Schedule a
Tour of Our Beautiful Facility! Call (515) 221-0300 Today!


  • All Inclusive:
    Boarding INCLUDES a minimum of 2-4 hours of daycare playtime for social dogs per day OR private potty & playtime with a staff member for those pups that prefer one on one! THIS IS INCLUDED with ALL boarding pups for FREE!
  • Experience:
    We have provided care and services for thousands of dogs in the greater West Des Moines, IA area since opening in 2010. Our owner and managers have extensive backgrounds in handling dogs of all sizes and temperaments, including pet dogs, dogs with special needs, competition dogs, and working service/police dogs. We provide continuing education for all staff members on dog handling, dog behavior, first aid/CPR, pack management, socialization and aggression.
  • Cleanliness:
    We take great pride in our level of cleanliness at Canine Country Club. We sanitize and disinfect our ENTIRE facility, including kennels, crates, daycare rooms, bedding, water/food bowls and outdoor play area, EVERY day. Just stop by and take a sniff for yourself!
  • Safety:
    Our facility is a little tricky to find for the first time, but we planned it that way! For maximum safety of our guests and their parents, we are located in a cul-de-sac with no nearby passing traffic for maximum safety while coming and going from Canine Country Club. We also have low dog to staff ratios, often keeping daycare groups around 10-12 dogs. This allows us to keep safety a priority and we are proud to be one of the safest dog facilities in the state!
  • Security:
    Dogs are monitored by one of our skilled staff members who is physically in the room with the dogs. We have multiple locked doors and gates between your dog and the outside world. Our outdoor play area is surrounded by an 8 foot privacy fence that runs along a concrete curb all the way around, containing even the most skilled climbers and diggers.
  • Why Choose Canine Country Club:
    We love ALL the dogs that visit us at Canine Country Club! We enjoy cuddling with them and giving them individual attention, hugs and kisses during their stay. With owners’ permission, we like to reward them with treats for good behavior (and sometimes just for being so darn cute!)

​EVERY dog gets playtime! All of our boarding guests get lots of indoor and outdoor playtime. A minimum of 2-4 hours of daily dog daycare is included in the boarding fee & if your dog is not social with other dogs then they receive individual playtime with a staff member. The entire reason the owner opened the facility was to give dog parents a place to take their dogs where they would be loved, cared for and treated like they would be at home with you! We don’t believe in keeping dogs in kennels all day, after all, they deserve a vacation too!

  • Boarding And Daycare Enrollment Form:
    This gives us the information we need to know to best care for your pup
  • Current Vaccination Records: 
    ​CCC requires all dogs to be vaccinated for Bordatella, Distemper, and Parvo. Rabies is required for all pups over 12 weeks old. Pups under 12 weeks do not require the Rabies vaccination to attend, but must have 2 rounds of puppy vaccines completed. Pups must be on a monthly flea/tick preventative year-round. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide service to any dog without these vaccinations and a flea/tick preventative.

What To Bring:

  • Food:
    We prefer that you pack the food in individual servings in ziplock baggies. This ensures that you pack enough food for your dog and that we are feeding your dog the correct amount at each meal. If you forget to pack food for your dog, or if you don’t pack enough, we have a regular dog food or grain-free variety we will feed your dog for an additional fee. (Please note we use a standard 8 ounce measuring cup to measure food.)
  • Treats:
    If you have a special brand of treats your dog prefers, or if they have special dietary restrictions, please bring treats so we can reward them for their good behavior! We do have house-brand treats that we can give your dog while they stay with us.
  • Medication:
    Prescription Medication must be in the original container with the dosage and prescribing veterinarian information visible. We can administer oral medication. We do not administer intramuscular or subcutaneous medication such as insulin.

What Not To Bring:

  • Rawhides, Bones, Toys:
    These are a choking hazard. They are great to give your pup at home, but we don’t want to take a chance of them choking or getting sick while you’re away. Trust us, they will be so tired from playing all day they will fall right to sleep at night to rest up for their next day of fun!
  • Bedding:
    All boarding dogs get orthapedic Kuranda bed to snooze on at night. We don’t want to risk their favorite bed or blanket from home getting destroyed or lost while at CCC so we prefer to use our bedding. If you really want to leave a blanket or something to remind your dog of home, make sure it’s something small that can fit in their overnight bin and one they can live without if it doesn’t make it home from their stay. If your dog is staying in a Luxury Suite (Not regular boarding) they can bring any bedding, blankets, or toys from home to make their stay extra cozy.
  • Bowls:
    We only use sanitized, stainless steel bowls. Please let us feed and water your dog with our bowls while they stay with us.

We recommend that you bring your dog to daycare a few times. This will let him get to know the staff and other regular dogs that he will be interacting with during his stay. The more familiar your dog is with Canine Country Club, the better he will do while he’s here!

100% of the Time!

​At CCC, we strictly follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Iowa. We have maximum playgroup sizes of 15 dogs and at least 1 staff member supervising each group. When the dogs are socializing in daycare, they are constantly monitored through visual and audible contact. Your dog’s safety is our highest priority. All of our staff members are extensively trained in dog behavior, pack management, dog aggression and dog socialization. We offer all our doggie customers a safe, fun and low stress social environment!We recommend that you bring your dog to daycare a few times. This will let him get to know the staff and other regular dogs that he will be interacting with during his stay. The more familiar your dog is with Canine Country Club, the better he will do while he’s here!

Yes! We have many puppies that attend CCC for daycare. Puppies must have their first two round of puppy vaccinations, as well as the parvo & bordatella vaccines. The Rabies vaccine is not required until 12 weeks of age.

​Unaltered dogs can attend daycare up to 6 months of age. Over 6 months, it is a state law that unaltered dogs can not attend daycare. We do however offer day boarding, where your dog will stay with us for the day & receive private playtime & potty time with a staff member.

  • 7am – 9am:
    Dogs Kenneled for Drop Off
  • 9am – 11:30am:
    Playtime indoors & outdoors with 3 potty breaks
  • 11:30am – 1:30pm:
    Naptime/Quiet Time
  • 1:30pm – 4:30pm:
    Playtime indoors & outdoors with 3 potty breaks
  • 4:30pm – 6pm:
    Kenneled for Pick up

​All boarding dogs, as long as they’re social get either morning/afternoon playtime. For those that need to wear off more steam, they may be put in to play time for both sessions.

All daycare dogs, and boarding dogs that are social, are in their play groups with their staff supervisor from the time they are dropped off in the morning until mid-day nap time. We put the dogs down for a nap and shut out the lights. We also play soothing music for them to relax, rest and re-charge for their afternoon of playtime. When the dogs wake up from their nap, they are put back in their play groups for the afternoon so they go home tired when their parents pick them up.

During the morning and afternoon playtimes, the dogs play indoors in our climate controlled daycare rooms and rotate in their play groups to get outside play and potty time. We have toys, jungle gyms and other structured play activities for the dogs to engage with each other and our staff members. In the summer, on hot days, we also have pool parties! The pool is emptied daily in the mid-afternoon so the dogs have time to dry off before going home with their families.

While we don’t currently offer daycare on the weekends, our dog boarding clients do get weekend play time. Just like daycare, they are separated in groups of similar temperament and play style and get morning and evening playtime indoors and out. So, even if your dog is just staying at CCC for the weekend, they will get generous playtime with their friends!

Yes. Every dog that comes into CCC must bring proof of current rabies, bordetella, parvo, rabies and distemper vaccination. We also need you to fill out our Enrollment Forms.

Canine Country Club does not breed discriminate, because ANY breed of dog can be aggressive. We do not allow aggressive dogs in daycare or allow them to socialize with other dogs. If a dog starts showing aggressive tendencies in daycare, we will have a discussion with the parents about dog training methods to correct the behavior. We will work with a dog to the best of our ability and to the extent the parents feel comfortable with to keep them social and able to play in daycare. However, our first priority is the safety of all dogs in our facility, so if CCC Management feels a dog is too aggressive or cannot be worked with, we will dismiss the dog from daycare.

If your dog is dog aggressive or not social, we will board them on a selective and limited basis. These dogs will be kenneled in one of our large runs during their stay and get private playtime with a staff member.

​With the exception of some sport dogs and police K9s, CCC will not board dogs that are aggressive towards people.

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